[Official] Part-time Job Openings at Seiyu and Sunny

Seiyu, LIVIN and Sunny are part of Walmart Inc.,
the world's largest supermarket chain.

As an essential local service, we conduct business with the aim of offering quality products at low prices and providing customers with a comfortable shopping experience. We offer various jobs in sales, manufacturing and logistics. By working in a supermarket, you can learn about events and culture related to the four seasons in Japan, and also acquire food processing and other skills.

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For the latest information, please contact the Application Reception Center or check the official Japanese version of the website. In some cases, job openings advertised on this website have already been filled. Please understand in advance.

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Seiyu Job Introduction

Stocking of food products (groceries)
You can see what products are trendy while you work. In this job, you will efficiently arrange items to deliver cheap products to customers. You also have many opportunities to speak with customers and improve your Japanese. *1
Fruits and vegetables
This job involves packing, displaying and maintaining fruits and vegetables. You can learn about events and culture related to the four seasons in Japan. You can learn to assess the quality and freshness of materials. *1 *2
It's okay if you have never touched fresh fish. You can start by packing sashimi and fillets or putting out products. Even beginners can learn to make assorted sashimi platters. Your hourly wage will increase when you pass the technical certification exam! *1 *2
There is no face-to-face sales or cashier work, so don't worry if you aren't confident about serving customers! Depending on the content of the work and hours you spend working, you can gain the practical experience required for a cooking license. Your hourly wage will increase when you pass the technical certification exam! *1 *2
We use a bake-off production method to thaw, ferment and mold the frozen dough before baking. You can start working later in the morning than in shops that use the scratch production method in which dough is kneaded from flour♪ An inexperienced person can suddenly become a baker! *1 *2
Late night and early morning stocking of food products
Make money efficiently with this job!! At night and early in the morning, you will stock products, operate a cash register and clean the store. Beginners can feel at ease because we work together as a team.*1
Logistics center
You can see new products before they go on the market and be close to economic activities and cutting edge trends. This workplace employs many people from other countries. *3
Deli food factory and food processing center
You can acquire knowledge about perishable food handling and high-quality food management as well as good hand washing habits, so you'll rarely catch a cold. *4
*1. Sales at the counter
When a customer talks to you, you will use Japanese to explain products or show them around.
*2. Food processing and cooking in the in-store kitchen
Read Japanese manuals and recipes and engage in food manufacturing in accordance with safety and hygiene rules.
*3. Work at logistics centers
You learn each store's name and the rules inside the facilities and communicate with the staff and drivers.
*4. Work at deli food factories and food processing centers
You process food such as meat, fish and vegetables, cook rice, etc.

How to Apply for a Job

How to apply for a job

Click the "Apply" button in the list.
We are also looking forward to your application by phone.
・ Seiyu Multilingual Reception Center (English, Vietnamese and Chinese)
050-3850-9364 Reception hours: 10 am to 6 pm (weekdays)
・ Seiyu Application Reception Center (Japanese)
050-3850-9298 Reception hours: 10 am to 11 pm (every day)
  • The interview will be conducted at the store or office where you will work.
  • * Foreign applicants must bring their passport, residence card, and Permission to Engage in Activity other than that Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted (if required).
  • * If you are a student, be sure to bring your student ID card with you.
  • * A resume is not necessary.
  • * Please bring a writing instrument.

Process after application

A person from the application reception center will give you a phone call between 10 am and 11 pm.
  • *In some cases, the store will invite you to a video interview after seeing the details of your application.
  • *We may refuse to accept applications due to subsidiary business regulations or the upper age limit for employment (70 years old), etc.


Seiyu GK
Application Reception Center

Staff Voices

Deli food factory

  • K.K.: 6 years of part-time experience
  • B.K.: 5 years of part-time experience
  • A.Y.: 16 years of part-time experience

Our job includes cooking, wrapping and shipping deli foods. You can also see how the production line works. It's a comfortable work environment with friendly colleagues. Many foreigners are also active.

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Questions on jobs

Please tell me what Seiyu, LIVIN and Sunny stores are like.
Seiyu, LIVIN and Sunny are supermarkets owned by Walmart, the world's largest supermarket chain. Based on the philosophy of "Every Day Low Prices," we aim to realize our mission to "Save people money so they can live better" and "Providing customers with low-cost, valuable shopping opportunities and contributing to the realization of richer lifestyles."
Tell me about the jobs.
To keep our sales floor stocked, we carry products from the stock room, replenish products, etc. We also attend to customers looking for products. Each store has many jobs in every department including the grocery, fruits and vegetables, fish, delicatessen and cleaning departments. The logistics center sorts products for each store. At the food processing center, raw meat and fish are processed and then packaged on an assembly line. Those with no experience are carefully instructed on product handling and hygiene.
What kind of people work there?
Part-time employees range from 15 to 70 years of age. We are creating a workplace where every associate, regardless of nationality, age, gender or religion, can respect each other's individuality without discrimination.
Can I work with my hijab on?
Yes, you can wear a hijab while working. You need to wear a designated uniform as well to prevent accidents while stocking shelves, etc. Please wear a black or near-black hijab without decoration or raised fabric. We will explain the details at the interview.
Do you handle pork or beef?
Depending on the sales floor and department, yes. At the food processing center, meats such as pork, beef and chicken are sliced, cooked and arranged. We do not process pork or beef at stores, but you may be asked to handle packed meat delivered from the center.
Is Japanese used on the terminals at work? Will I have difficulty working if I cannot read kanji?
All language in the terminals is primarily Japanese. Kanji is also used, but once you learn them, operation is easy. Many foreign staff members are able to work without any problems. So don't worry, it will be OK!
From when can I receive paid holidays?
After working for the company for 6 months, paid holidays will be granted in accordance with the contract. After the second year of employment, paid holidays are awarded at the beginning of the fiscal year according to the number of years of service and content of the contract.
Can you make year-end tax adjustments for part-time employees?
For those who work only at Seiyu, we make year-end adjustments. If you have a part-time job other than Seiyu, please file your tax return yourself.
Can foreign students (university students, graduate students, vocational school students, etc.) be hired as permanent employees after graduating from school?
Yes. Seiyu is actively hiring foreign nationals as permanent employees. However, you must go through a selection process. Many hard working, highly rated foreign staff members actively work as permanent employees. If you wish to work as a permanent employee in the future, you can apply with confidence!
As a foreign student, can I work up to 40 hours a week during long school holidays?
You are not allowed to work 40 hours a week. Even during long school holidays, your work schedule will be prepared based on the employment contract.

Questions on application

I'm a foreign national, but can I apply for a part-time job?
Of course you can apply. The interview will be conducted in Japanese, and at work you will attend to customers and communicate with colleagues using Japanese. You'll be fine if you can hold conversations at the N3 or N4 level of the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test. There are many opportunities to speak with customers, so this part-time job is recommended for those who want to improve their Japanese!
What should I bring to the interview?
Please bring your passport or residence card. Depending on your status of residence, Permission to Engage in Activity other than that Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted may be required. Students also need to bring a student ID card. These documents are necessary when you enter the company.
Can I work while I renew my visa?
If the period of stay expires while you are applying for an extension, you cannot work during that period. Of course, you will be able to work once your residence status has been updated.
Are there any restrictions on hairstyle and grooming?
Since you work in the sales and customer service industry, it is important to be neatly groomed. Please make sure your hair and clothing have a clean business-like appearance. You cannot work with long nails or hand finger accessories because they may hurt products or cause injury. For more details, please ask at the interview.
Can I apply even if I have no experience working part-time or in a factory or serving customers?
Many people started their first part-time job at Seiyu. Applications by beginners are most welcome! We provide training such as cash register use at each sales floor and department, including seafood and delicatessen, when you join the company. The cash register has a touch panel and our careful training ensures you can learn how to operate it even if you have no experience. E-learning, video manuals and more are also available, so please apply with confidence! * Although all training and manuals are in Japanese, many foreign staff members work actively after training. Training is very popular for improving Japanese skills!
I share a phone with friends. Can I apply?
You can apply, but please make sure you can be reached by the Application Reception Center and the person in charge of recruitment. Please prepare a fixed-line phone or personal mobile phone by the time you join the company.
What should I do if I am about to be late for the appointed interview?
If you are likely to be late for the interview, please contact the Application Reception Center (050-3850-9298). We will provide emergency contact information for the day. Please contact us as early as possible.

For the latest information, please contact the Application Reception Center or check the official Japanese version of the website. In some cases, job openings advertised on this website have already been filled. Please understand in advance.

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